Folio- Small Savings, Big Goals

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Folio is a mobile app that does the saving for you. It provides a unique tool for tailoring your savings around exactly what you’ll spend them on, and then transfers funds from your bank account to your saving goal little by little.

Folio is the first social savings platform for friends to save together towards a common goal, and the first savings service to let you save as often as every day or week.

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Folio is a mobile savings app providing its users with the ability to create intelligent saving goals. Simply select your target saving’s amount, end date and savings frequency (daily, weekly or monthly) and Folio will collect the money from you and add it to your project. At the conclusion of the project, we return the total amount to your bank account, allowing you to make the purchase you’ve been saving for.

Users can also invite their friends to save with them on collective goals, making saving social, simple and fun.

We’re using technology to put what truly matters to you at the core of your saving journey: whether it’s a gift, a new pair of kicks or a Summer trip with your friends, we’ll make sure that, little by little, your small savings become big goals.

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1) Create a Goal, and invite your friends to save with you

2) Select a Saving Frequency

3) Safely connect your card details

4) We keep your savings safe in a Barclays account

5) Sit back, relax, and watch your savings grow



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